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CSC180 Introduction to Programming (Fall 08) – for Engineering Science

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C Programming: A Modern Approach by King
Study Guide for C Programming: a Modern Approach by Bermudez

Course Schedule and Notes
Lecture 1:    Administrivia, Intro, Computer Organization, Code: hello.c
Lecture 2:    Memory, Operating System, Compilers
Lecture 3:    Memory, Datatypes, Variables, printf , Code: variables_1.c, variables_2.c
Lecture 4:    Funcs, Globals, Locals, Code: functions_1.c, functions_2.c, program1.c
Lecture 5:    Selection, Code: program2.c, program3.c
Lecture 6:    Functions, Operators
Lecture 7:    Iteration
Lecture 8:    Iteration errors & issues, Data type conversion, Code: factorial.c
Lecture 9:    printf & formatting, scanf, Code: fillinganarray.c
Lecture 10:  Arrays, Code: matrix-add.c, printf/scanf examples
Lecture 11:  Multidimensional Arrays, Code: matrix-mult.c
Lecture 12:  Programming with Arrays
Lecture 13:  Program comments, Functions and call stack
Lecture 14:  Recursion
Lecture 15:  Recursion, Binary Search
Lecture 16:  Arrays, Pointers, Program Stack
Lecture 17:  Pointers and Arrays
Lecture 18:  Pointers and Arrays
Lecture 19:  Pointer issues
Lecture 20:  Revision
Lecture 21:  Memory Organization, Pointers
Lecture 22:  True and False in C/C++
Lecture 23:  string functions
Lecture 24:  CString functions
Lecture 25:  CString functions
Lecture 26:  Structs
Lecture 27:  Pre-processor Directives
Lecture 28:  Structs
Lecture 29:  Structs & Unions & Typedefs
Lecture 30:  Enum
Lecture 33:  File I/O, Streams
Lecture 34:  Linked list
Lecture 35:  Advanced Pointers, Pointer to Funcs, Array of Funcs, Callback
Lecture 36:  Bit-wise Ops
Lecture 37:  Bit-wise Ops & Data-compression
Lecture 38:  Review

Assignment Coding Guidelines
A1:  Receipt Machine ver1: Basic Programming
A2:  Receipt Machine ver2
A3:  Receipt Machine ver3

Midterm and Exam
Midterm + Solution

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