Wael Aboulsaadat

CSC244 C++ Programming for Engineering (Fall 09)

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Problem solving with C++ by Savitch

Course Schedule and Notes
Note: I am using the board for most of the lectures in this course.
Lecture 5:      Recursion
Lecture 19:    Big Oh I
Lecture 20:    Big Oh II
Lecture 21:    Hashtable, Big Oh III
Lecture 22:    Hashtable
Lecture 23:    QuickSort
Code:            Updated Car DB Example

Lab Info
Lab 1:  ECF Development Environment
Lab 2:  Make Utility
Lab 3:  Command Parser
Lab 4:  Intro to Objects
Lab 5:  Database
Lab 6:  Database Revisited
Lab 7:  Inheritance

Midterm & Exam
Midterm + Solution