Wael Aboulsaadat

CSC309 Introduction to Web Programming (Spr 09)

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Course Schedule and Notes
Lecture 1:    Intro, HTTP, HTML
Lecture 2:    XML, Schema, DOM, XSL & XSLT, XSL Examples
Lecture 3:    SAX, XHTML, CSS, Javascript Intro
Lecture 4:    Javascript
Lecture 5:    Event Driven Programming, Debugging JavaScript
Lecture 6:    DBMS
Lecture 7:    N-Tier Architecture, SP, ORM, Hibernate, XML, JAXB, Reflection
Lecture 8:    CGI, Servlets Intro, Session Tracking
Lecture 9:    Web Application, Servlet Thread safety, Servlet Usage-models
Lecture 10:  JSP
Lecture 11:  Servlets + JSP, AJAX, RIA
Lecture 12:  Web Services Architecture (UDDI & WSDL & SOAP)
Lecture 13:  Template-based Web Apps, Heavy Traffic Web Apps, MQ, SP, Load balancers

Assignment Cover Sheet
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Assignment Coding Guidelines
A1: XHTML, XML, CSS & JavaScript
A1: GUI Specs
A2: MQ/ActiveMQ && DBMS/JDBC
A2: Marking Scheme
A3: Servlets && JSPs
A3: Tomcat, HelloWorld

Midterm Questions + Solution

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RIA: script.aculo.us
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