Wael Aboulsaadat

CSC318- Computational Media Design (Spr 05)

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Interaction Design: Beyond Human-Computer Interaction by Preece et. al.
Usability Engineering: Scenario-Based Development of HCI by Rossen & Carroll
The Trouble with Computers by Landauer

Course Schedule and Notes
Lecture 1:    HCI Intro & Motivation, Usability Design Cycle, UI Design Principles, Heuristics
Lecture 2:    UI Design Methodology, Design Examples, Design Guidelines, Teamwork
Lecture 3:    Requirements Analysis; Techniques and Tools. Requriements Data Analysis
Lecture 4:    User Centered Design. Affordance, Mapping and Conceptual Models
Lecture 5:    Metaphors and Mental Models. Metaphors and Mental Models
Lecture 6:    Graphic Design and Typography Fundamentals. Data Display and Info Vis.
Lecture 7:    Interaction Devices and Styles. Interaction Techniques.
Lecture 8:    Prototyping
Lecture 9:    Audio Interaction. System and Interface Evaluation
Lecture 10:  System and Interface Evaluation
Lecture 11:  Human Abilities
Lecture 12:  User Support and Intelligent User Interfaces.
Lecture 13:  Collaborative Systems. Virtual Reality.Ubiquitous/Wearable Computing.

Assignment/midterm Remark Form
Assignment Coding Guidelines
A1: Brainstorming Ideas for Term Project
A2: Requirements Analysis
A3: Design and Prototyping for Design Project
A4: Usefulness and Usability Evaluation of Prototype
A5: Oral Presentation

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