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CSCB63 Data Structures & Algorithms (Sum 11)

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Data Structures and Algorithms in Java. by Goodrich & Tamassia

Course Schedule and Notes
Lecture 1:     Asymptotic analysis
Lecture 2:     Amortized analysis
Lecture 3:     Divide and Conquer
Lecture 4:     Binary Search Tree
Lecture 5:     Dictionaries & hash tables
Lecture 6:     Priority queues
Lecture 7:     Heaps
Lecture 8:     Trees and traversals
Lecture 9:     Balanced search trees
Lecture 10:  Splay trees
Lecture 11:  Graphs, Breadth First Search, Depth First Search
Lecture 12:  Directed graphs, Minimum Spanning Tree, Kruskal Analysis
Lecture 13:  Merge Sort
Lecture 14:  Quick Sort
Lecture 15:  Radix sort
Lecture 16:  Sorting Lower Bound
Lecture 17:  Disjoint Sets
Lecture 18:  Quick Select
Lecture 19:  Review

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Midterm/Assignment Remark Form
A1: Running time, binary heap, tree, dictionary
A1: Solution
A2: Extensible hashtable, a 2-3-4 tree, splay tree
A3: Weighted Graph
A3: Marking Scheme

Midterm + solutions

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