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CSCC40 Systems Analysis and Design (Fall 10)

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Systems Analysis and Design with UML ver2.0: an object-oriented approach. by Dennis et. al.
Object-oriented Analysis and Design: Understanding Sys Dev with UML by O'Docherty et. al.
Unified Modeling Language: Systems Analysis, Design and Development Issues. by Siau et. al.
Applying UML: Advanced Application. by Pooley et. al.

Course Schedule and Notes
Lecture 1:    Intro
Lecture 2:    Organizations: Types & Structures, Business Process, Information Needs
Lecture 3:    Problems with IS Projects, Software Lifecycle
Lecture 4:    Conceptual Modeling
Lecture 5:    Scoping the Problem
Lecture 6:    Feasibility, Technical Alternatives
Lecture 7:    Information Acquisition
Lecture 8:    Use Cases I, Use Cases II, Goal Diagrams
Lecture 9:    State and Activity Diagrams
Lecture 10:  Sequence Diagram I, Sequence Diagram II
Lecture 11:  Business Rules
Lecture 12:  Object Constraint Language
Lecture 13:  The Requirements Specification Document
Lecture 14:  Non-Functional Requirements
Lecture 15:  ER Model
Lecture 16:  DB Design
Lecture 17:  System Design
Lecture 18:  Hardware Selection
Lecture 19:  Software Architecture
Lecture 20:  Design Patterns
Lecture 21:  Design Patterns II
Lecture 22:  Design Patterns III
Lecture 23:  GUI Design
Lecture 24:  Review

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A1: Preparing a Feasibility Study
A1: Marking Scheme
A2: Requirements Analysis
A2: Marking Scheme
A3: Design for an Information System
A3: Marking Scheme

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Midterm & Exam
Midterm + solution

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