Wael Aboulsaadat

CSCD43 Database Systems Technologies (Fall 10)

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Database Systems: the Complete Reference, by Garcia-Molina et. al.

Course Schedule and Notes
Lecture 1:    Canceled
Lecture 2:    Intro, Database design review, SQL
Lecture 3:    Database design review, SQL
Lecture 4:    Database design review, Storage and Index, SQL
Lecture 5:    Authorizations & Privilages & Grants, SQL
Lecture 6:    Dense, Sparse, and Multi-level Indices, Intro to B+ Tree & Insert op
Lecture 7:    B+ tree (delete op), Hashing (del & insert ops), Extensible Hashing, Linear Hashing
Lecture 8:    Multidimensional Indices: Grid, Partitionsed and Multikey Trees
Lecture 9:    Implementing Data Access, Buffer Manager, Replacement Policies
Lecture 10:  Integrity of Data, Recovery, Read/Write Model, Undo Log
Lecture 11:  Redo Log, Checkpoints, Undo/Redo Log, Examples
Lecture 12:  Serial Schedules, Serializability, Precedence Graphs, Examples
Lecture 13:  Enforcing Serializability, Examples
Lecture 14:  Locking, Timestamps, Recoverable Schedules

Assignment Cover Sheet
Assignment Coding Guidelines
Assignment/midterm Remark Form
A1: ER, Transactions, Stored Procedures, Privilages
A2: Building a simple DBMS using a B+ tree
A3: Building a Mini DBMS

Exam questions + solution

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